Winter Match Results

April 28, 2009

Centerfire Results (Open Sights)

Match Winner: Sebastian

Shooter Rifle Standing S/K Prone Total
Sebastian Arsenal AK-74 69 (0X) 56 (0X) 67 (0X) 192 (0X)
True Blue Sam Norinco SKS 30 (0X) 26 (1X) 59 (1X) 115 (2X)
Danno SKS 19 (0X) 36 (0X) 36 (0X) 91 (0X)

Smallbore Results (Scoped)

Match Winner: AughtSix

Shooter Rifle Total
AughtSix Hammerli Olympic 98/4x
True Blue Sam Winchester Model 74 87/1X
Free in Idaho Ruger 10/22 81/0X

Smallbore Results (Iron Sights)

Match Winner: AughtSix

Shooter Rifle Total
AughtSix Hammerli Olympic 97/5x
AughtSix Anschutz Match 54 97/2x
Leadchucker Ruger 10/22 88/2X

Winter Match Closed

March 22, 2009

The Winter Match for 2009 is closed.  Didn’t get very many scores, unfortunately, so some will be winners by default.  I am going to, however, offer an extension until the end of the month if people want to shoot this match, in hopes I might get a few more scores.

Winter Match 2008

December 21, 2008

Closes Saturday March 21, 2009 @ 11:59PM

Please Review our Match Rules

Questions and submissions should be directed to gunblogrifles at gmail dot com.  Sorry for the lack of fall match, but we spent most of fall trying to prevent the horror of what will be the next administration.  Let us show him that Eastern Bloc semi-autos do have sporting uses this winter!

Kalashnikov/SKS Center Fire – Iron Sights

Target will be the A/23 target which we used before for the small bore match. You can buy them here, or download them here. Match will be a 300 point match, broken into three stages of 100 points, or 10 shots. Since you can practice ahead of time before actually shooting the match target, I’m not going to use sighting shots for this match.  I’m bringing us down to 50 yards for this match, but to make it challenging we’ll use a smallbore target.  Competitors can use any Kalashnikov or SKS based rifle.  Multiple entries are fine as long as you use a different model rifle for each entry.  The stages are:

  1. Slow fire, standing, unsupported – 10 rounds in 10 minutes, at single A23 target @ 50 yards.
  2. Rapid fire, sitting or kneeling – 10 rounds in 60 seconds, at single A23 target @ 50 yards.
  3. Rapid fire, prone – 10 rounds in 70 seconds, at single A23 target @ 50 yards.

We will only have an open sight category for these.  I would ask that folks who want to use a sling restrict themselves to the commie web slings that came with the rifles.

Smallbore Rifle

Small bore competition will have only one stage of fire this season. We’ll be using the NRA A-23 targets the same as above.  This will be a 1oo point match, with 10 shots offhand.  You may practice as much as you want, but the submitted string should be shot in a single string of 10 shots.

  1. Standing, 10 rounds in 10 minutes at 25 yards.

This one we’ll allow classes for both iron sighted and scoped rifles.

It is hoped by taking these matches in a bit in terms of yardage, and having an offhand only match for smallbore, we’ll get more participation.  The weather is cold, Kalashnikovs are not renowned for accuracy, so I figure this should be sufficiently challenging without leaving people walking down 100 yards and back in the snow and cold too much.  The smallbore match should be shootable indoors at most indoor ranges.

UPDATE: I think it would be fun to offer a prize for best picture taken of a competitor shooting under winter conditions.  See details at my blog here.

Summer Match Results

November 30, 2008

Centerfire Results (Iron Sights)

Match Winner: AughtSix

Shooter Rifle Slow Standing S/K Rapid Prone Rapid Prone Slow Total
AughtSix Service Class AR-15 97 (1X) 100 (6X) 100 (9X) 100 (8X) 397 (24X)
Aughtsix Elisio R5 6mm Repeater 97 (1X) 99 (5X) 100 (7X) 100 (8X) 396 (21X)
Sebastian AR-15 20″ bbl (Armalite M15A4) 91 (0X) 91 (0X) 94 (1X) 95 (0X) 371 (1X)
Danno DPMS AR-15 20″ Bbl. 81 (0X) 78 (0X) 85 (1X) 83 (0X) 327 (1X)
Mike Gallo K-31 79 (0X) 84 (0X) 83 (0X) 81 (0X) 327 (0X)
Sailorcurt M1 Carbine 59 (0X) 86 (0X) 93 (1X) 75 (0X) 313 (1X)
Sailorcurt M1 Garand 44 (1X) 85 (1X) 85 (0X) 83 (0X) 297 (2X)
BillH M1A1 57 (0X) 65 (0X) 79 (0X) 86 (0X) 287 (0X)
Sailorcurt SKS 42 (0X) 49 (0X) 61 (1X) 71 (1X) 223 (2X)
Danno M1 Garand 74 (0X) 49 (1X) 54 (0X) 44 (0X) 221 (1X)

Centerfire Results (Scoped)

Match Winner by Default: BillH

Shooter Rifle Slow Standing S/K Rapid Prone Rapid Prone Slow Total
BillH Remington 700 SPS Varmint .308 Cal 72 (0x) 58 (0x) 86 (1x) 85 (0x) 301 (1x)

Smallbore Results (Scoped)

Match Winner: BillH

Shooter Rifle Standing Sitting Prone Total
BillH Ruger 10/22 53 (0x) 73 (0x) 69 (0x) 195 (0x)
Armed Citizen Marlin 25N 45 (0x) 62 (1x) 59 (0x) 166 (1x)

Smallbore Results (Iron Sights)

Match Winner: AughtSix

Shooter Rifle Standing Sitting Prone Total
AughtSix Hammerli 89 (2x) 96 (4x) 98 (5x) 283 (11x)
Sebastian CZ-452 Lux 48 (0x) 68 (0x) 83 (2x) 199 (1x)
Lead Chucker Ruger 10/22 50 (0x) 42 (0x) 78 (0x) 170 (0x)

Fall/Winter Matches Combined

November 17, 2008

Because of the delay in getting the fall rifle match up, I will just combine it with the winter match, and create and end date of March 21st, 2009 for the combined match. My apologizes for the delay, but my election volunteering really made time scarce, and it’s taken me a bit to catch up.

Results for the Summer match should be ready very shortly, along with the Fall/Winter match. Next time I’ll try to delegate this stuff if I’m otherwise busy.

Match Results Coming

October 16, 2008

I am working on the match results for the summer match, and also the fall match.  I apologize profusely for the delay, but with all the volunteer work leading up till the election, I have time to tend to my blog, and that’s about it.  Hopefully I will have results up in the next few days.  Under normal conditions, I will be more timely with results, and the next match.

Summer Match is Closed

September 22, 2008

The Summer 2008 Rifle Match is closed.  I will begin calculating results.  Since this is our first match, I will continue to take entries up until results are posted in a week or so, so if you still need that extra weekend to do some last minute shooting, feel free to take it.

The fall match will be up shortly.  Since fall colors include a lot of red, I’m going to do a Red Army Rifle Match, where we’ll all shoot Kalashnikovs and SKSs in minor variation of our Summer match.  Greart thing about this match will be no reloading!  I’m still trying to decide on a target.  Probably the SR scaled down for 50 yards, but I will try to make a PDF people can just download.  I’m also going to move the smallbore match into 25 yards this time, and we’ll probably make it a standing match so folks can shoot this one indoors if they want.  One string standing, slow fire.  A second string standing rapid fire.